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Our Yaletown condo building was fortunate to host a strata holiday cocktail party with Elements Diner. The guests gave high marks to the evening, the Elements Diner owners and the staff. Our strata council will be back and we would certainly recommend booking the restaurant if you are looking for a casual and affordable venue that serves yummy food.

~ Gary M., Strata Council Member

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Our Story

We are not your traditional Chinese restaurant. At Elements Diner we bring together a variety of international, fusion dishes from many parts of the world that have influenced Hong Kong. Including flavours from the Eastern world such as China, Japan and the Philippines, and flavours from the West like France, Italy, and the Americas; Hong Kong cuisine brings elements together to create a well-balanced dish, bursting with flavour.

At Elements Diner, we believe that food should be real and authentic. We take pride in the fact that we add no MSG nor additional salt to our dishes. Using fresh ingredients, we create dishes with unique flavours that you won’t find anywhere else. In fact, every soup base, sauce, and dressing has been prepared in our kitchen. We even add real tea to our bubble tea to provide you with a true bubble tea experience!

Our Chef

Our Chef

We would like to introduce chef Joe, our head chef and entrepreneur.

Joe was born in Hong Kong and moved to Vancouver, Canada when he was 9 years old. His culinary journey began in high school, where he worked as a part-time cook. He continued his culinary career in the culinary program at VCC to refine his cooking skills.

Joe has worked at luxurious hotels such as the Shangri-La in Vancouver and JW Marriott in Hong Kong, where he met people from different ethnic backgrounds. This inspired him to explore more international cooking by adding his Hong Kong style influence on the dishes to create some of Elements Diner’s popular fusion dishes. On July 15, 2016 Joe opened up Elements Diner to share his favourite sweet and savoury flavours with Vancouver.

Joe enjoys playing with the flavours of traditional international recipes to create something unique. One of his favourite dishes to make is rice pizza, which also happens to be a gluten-free dish you won’t find it anywhere else!